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  Dear Mr. Miller,

I appreciate the effort you've made to write me and my Marines and the support you and your comrades wish to extend to us all.

Coming from a former Lima Company, 3/5 Marine it means a lot to us all, especially knowing how tight a bond Marines from 3/5 both former and present have.  I believe all my Marines would love to hear your words of encouragement and praise about the fine job they and this unit had in accomplishing our mission.  I also believe, especially coming from a Vietnam Veteran as your self, they would feel especially honored to have up held the proud traditions that so many 3/5 Marines have displayed throughout our history in battle.

As far as what you and other honored men of 3/5 could do for myself and the Marines of this company I can only say, what is it that we can do to show you all our appreciation for what you all have already done for us.  You have already honored us all to be even mentioned as one of your brethren in this fine proud unit.  To now have our very small part of history written in books about what we have done here, is only a fraction of what you all accomplished during long hard battles during the Vietnam war by comparison is not only an honor but has been our privilege.  We only hope that you are all proud of us as well.  This is the only support we will ever need.  But if you find that you would still like to support us some other way, I will leave a list of Marines to write whom I will feel it as much an honor and privilege as I have in receiving your letter.

Again, thank you so much for what you have already done for us and this great country of our and please pass on to all our comrades my sentiments as well.

  Bruce Robinson
  1stSgt   USMC
  Semper Fi
  "Get Some"
If you would like to write some of the Marines of Lima 3/5 who have participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom their names are listed below.  Use the address at the bottom of this page for each Marine you write to.
Rank Name Position
Capt Meredith, Scott O. Commander Commander
1stLt Day, Lance Platoon Commander
1stLt Sullivan, Brendan P. Company XO
GySgt Christy, Charles Company GySgt
SSgt Haney, Jason E. Platoon Commander
SSgt Anderson, Matthew (WIA) - Platoon SGT
SSgt Wilson, Mark E. Platoon SGT
SSgt Jones, Kevin E. Platoon SGT
Sgt Grasmuck, Chad M. Squad Leader
Sgt Finau, Daniel O. Squad Leader
Cpl Coates, Alexander K. (WIA) - Squad Leader
PFC Gonzalez, Peter A. (WIA)
Cpl McCallen, David M. (WIA) - Squad Leader
Cpl Truman, Troy L. Squad Leader
Hn Bittle, Ted D. (WIA) - Platoon Corpsman
LCpl Lowry, Thomas F. (WIA)
LCpl Shenk, Michael T. Squad Leader
Cpl Lowe, Bradley W. Squad Leader
PFC Myers, Adam W.  
Send your letters to: Lima Co. 3rd BN 5th Mar.
  UIC 39752
  FPO AP 96426-9752

The above letter to David Miller are excerpts from a response to Dave's original letter to 1stSgt Robinson.  The webmaster has taken certain liberties of editing the original letter.