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From The Cyber Maestro!

Well the Y2K Bug wasn't much of a Bug.  You know, if it hadn't been for the talking heads on all the media, most people would not have even heard of the Y2K Bug.  I think there should be a class action suit against the all the media.

Speaking of law suits why don't we sue Jane Fonda.  This way we could hurt her where it hurts, the purse.  A Civil Law Suit, just like they did against O. J. Simpson.

Many of you have talked about a Chat Room....  Well, it's coming and let tell you it is awesome.  The Hankster, Yukon and myself worked on some issues and tested this bad boy.  We couldn't stop!!!!  Look for an email in the very near future....

Look Who We Found

Do you recognize any of these Marines?  Does their name sound familiar; ring a bell?  If so, you can contact them by clicking on their name. 
LCpl Daniel J. Nordmann    Sep-Dec 68
PFC Robert Goodlow            67 - 68
PFC Jeff Schilling                    67 - 68
George Christo                   May 66 - Jan 67
William Zlater                     Dec 67 - Jul 68
Gordon "Sgt D" Director     Dec 69 - Dec 70
William Hamilton                 Nov 66 - May 67

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The Reunion Group Known For Awesome Reunions Attacks Cyberspace

December 1, 1998 - Lima 3/5 members no longer have to be out of touch with each other.  

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For More Information Contact:

Lima Co. 3/5 Reunion Vietnam 1966 - 1971
P.O. Box 558, Bay Pines, FL 33744
Tel: (727) 864-6291
FAX: (703) 671-8626