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The News Center

The News Center has four areas.  The Current News which will evolve as time goes by.  We are not sure what will actually appear here.  I'm sure we'll all like how it turns out.

The Member News is where we plan to announce signification happenings regarding Lima 3/5 members.  This could be a new found Brother, a marriage, a birth, a sickness, a recovery or just any news we hear from everyone.  The is news will be authorized to be printed.  Be sure to check Member News.

Then we have Reunion News.  This will keep everyone up-to-date on the Reunion itself.

Yeah, I know I said four areas.  I can't remember what the fourth one was right now.   It is 0400 hours while all of you have been sleeping, I've been redesigning this page.  I'll remember someday.

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Web Changes

We have added the Quarterly Newsletters to the page. Click here and check out the  Newsletter

We have added a Photo Gallery check it out.

Our Memorial Wall is in place.