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Pictures of 2nd Platoon

2nd Squad

2ndSquad.jpg (38010 bytes) This is 2nd Squad 2nd Platoon December 1967 - Standing in the back From the Left is "Doc" ?, Jimmie Trails, Cpl Richards, Center is Joe Pollicino and Richard Hoffman in front of him.  Finally, the front row from the Left is Rodgers, Lacey, Dwight Hill.

Fick.jpg (44941 bytes) George Fick with the infamous .45 cal Thompson Machine Gun.  Everyone want it until they got it.  Heavy, Heavy, and guess what it was heavy....

hoss.jpg (32265 bytes) Here is Herbert "Hoss" Johnson.  I'm not sure about the time frame.  You can see how happy he is to be visiting this exotic place...

tuitele.jpg (37192 bytes) This picture is a little dark, it must have been taken on a rainny day.  Standing is myself and George Fick and kneeling is Fofo Tuitele

Hill.jpg (39803 bytes) Here is Dwight Hill