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Lima 3/5 Reunion '99 Photos

Here are the long awaited photos from Reunion 1999 LZ San Antonio, TX.  All of these photos we taken by Joe McLaughlin or members of his family.  Just Double Click on the photo you want to see.  You can also save a copy of these photos on your machine by right clicking your mouse and select "save as".  This works if you are run Windows 98.
June 17th 1530 R99-001.jpg (49433 bytes) R99-002.jpg (53217 bytes) R99-003.jpg (38761 bytes) R99-004.jpg (44212 bytes) R99-005.jpg (51977 bytes)
R99-006.jpg (56103 bytes) R99-007.jpg (33074 bytes) R99-008.jpg (39600 bytes) R99-009.jpg (48272 bytes) R99-010.jpg (40413 bytes) R99-011.jpg (40755 bytes)