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Carol L. Chism

0311 Wounded 18 July 1966

As Remembered by Danny A. Currie

I though you might want to know how Carol L. Chism got hit.  Carol was in the team that had the point, as we made  our first try at getting to the top of a hill.  We were on operation Hasting this was our first try at getting to India Company

We ran into a machine gun and several more A/R weapon's. Chism got hit just under his lift arm about 4 inches down on his side.  The corpsman Doc Wright had him rise up so he could tie the bandage on. well when he raised up he was hit in his left shoulder and another round hit his helmet and stop about 1/4 in from the back of his head.  Well Doc Wright  just told him to head back down the hill and he would bandage him there. If I could I would send you a picture of doc changing his bandage once we got to division for a little rest.

I think he should have 2 Purple Hearts because he sure got hit twice and almost 3 times.

Do you have any Info on where Chism is now?