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Lima 3/5 Sick Call

 I'm trying to get this message out - so bare with me ...

It's been brought to my attention recently that our brother, Jim "Alabama" Gulledge, has been hospitalized for the past ten days for some mighty serious heart problems.
From what I've been able to learn, his heart is only running at about ten percent. He is currently in the University of Alabama at Birmingham Health Care System (HAB Hospital), and I will include that address, room number and other pertinent info below.
He is getting excellent treatment. They''ve been running a series of tests to find out if his condition can be controlled via medicines - or if he will need a pace maker - or even (God forbid) a heart transplant. Will know more next week.
I talked with him a little while ago and he seems to be in good spirits, but I know it would really do him a world of good if he were to get some phone calls, and get well cards from his favorite people.  Those of you who know Jim, know his heart is a hell of a lot bigger then 10%!  Those of you who know him, know of his dedication, sacrifice, and hard work in helping not just his Marine brothers, but Vietnam Veterans throughout the country.
I know all of you will hold him in your prayers until he gets past this hurdle.  Bless y'all, and always Semper Fidelis ... Yukon John Harris, and Tess

Direct hospital room phone number: (205)975-1450

He is currently at: HAB Hospital, room South 624
                          619 19th Street South
                          Birmingham, AL 35249