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We are still looking for those Few Good Men that served with Lima Company, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division Vietnam 1966 - 1971.  We invite you to join the other Lima 3/5 Marines we have located to help perpetuate the common bond of brotherhood we created so long ago.

The Lima 3/5 Reunion Group began in 1985 with a handful of men who decided to get together for a weekend of remembrance.  Since then we have grown to over 500 located Marines, and we are searching for more.  We have had Reunions in Washington, DC (3), Daytona Beach (4), Philadelphia, St. Louis, Nashville, Savannah, Cincinnati and Las Vegas.

We are a non-profit military fraternal organization.  We have no dues or membership fees.  We rely solely upon donations/contributions, raffles, and silent auctions, t-shirt sales, etc.  All funds raised go directly back into the fund accounts of Lima 3/5 to finance our annual Reunions and assist fellow Lima 3/5 Brothers wishing to attend who have limited resources.

We publish a bi-monthly newsletter that updates everyone with news of note, newly found Lima 3/5 Marines, articles, opinions, facts, figures and a dash of humor and bullshit.   Each newsletter is different. . .just like us.

"So what's the Reunion?", Well, on the third weekend of June a bunch of Marines, their families, friends and guests meet . . .big time!  Our Hospitality Room offers the 10 volume Lima 3/5 Archives: a collection of Vietnam Memorabilia, articles, unit awards, documents, writings, the unit diaries, Stars 'n' Stripes, Sea Tigers, Leathernecks, rosters of veterans to locate, photo albums from Vietnam, past and recent Reunions, video tapes and audio cassettes donated by our Brothers for Reunion posterity.

We have a variety of reunion activities: a golf tournament, raffle, silent auction, lottery and a huge Reunion banquet.  We target the family.  Spouses, children and guests are encouraged to attend.  This is a family Reunion . . . surrounded by Lima 3/5 Marines.

We maintain a roster of the Lima 3/5 Marines located to date and some information about their current status and Vietnam history.  The roster also includes 'Our Wall' for the Marines who gave all.

If you have any questions, please contact us.  See Below

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Lima Company Profile

Lima Company 3rd Battalion 5th Marine Regiment 1st Marine Division entered Vietnam on May 1966 and left in February 1971.

Our Reunion Group is all about us.  We publish a newsletter four to five times a year.  The whole purpose of the group is to meet on an annual basis in various cities throughout the United States.  This provides us with the ability to move from city to city and relax the burden on our brothers to travel long distances.  There are no dues and structure is very minimal. 

Our reunions are a family affair.  Each year we are amazed at the love and healing that occurs both with and among our brothers and their families.  There is one official meeting each year which is used to select the reunion site for the following year.

Robert "Hank" Henry is our Newsletter Editor and Organization Secretary

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Contact Lima 3/5 Headquarters For Information

You may contact us at the following numbers

(727) 864-6291
(703) 671-8626
Postal address
P.O. Box 558, Bay Pines, FL 33744
Electronic mail
General Information: Lima 3/5 Headquarters
Webmaster: Richard Hoffman
Newsletter: Robert "Hank" Henry