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On 2/24/68 I was wounded by a grenade in The Battle for Hue City.  The most serious of the injuries were through and through wounds to the right bicep and wrist.  Lesser injuries were to both feet and right leg.  I did not file a claim with the VA until 1977 (duh!), at which time I was assigned a 10% disability rating. 

At the Daytona Reunion, a few of the Lima boys who knew of my injuries urged me (read: threatened - Hoffman) to reopen my claim with the VA.  I did so in November with the assistance of the DAV.  The VA admitted the rating of 10% was erroneous, and corrected it to 30% - retroactive to 1977!  I also discovered that I was rated 30% disabled in 1968 while still in the Corps.  No one bothered to tell me, and since I didn't make a claim until 1977, compensation from 1968 to 1977 was lost. 

I urge all of you with service connected injuries/disabilities to consider my situation might be your situation.  Contact your DAV or VFW Service Officer and ensure your rating is correct.  I was given to understand disabilities were routinely under rated, especially during the first 10 years after the war when the Vietnam Veteran was not America's sweetheart.  The VA sure won't come to you to help, so you go to them!  

Good luck my brothers!

And my thanks to Richard Hoffman and the others who gave me that shove!